Get a brand new head delivered to your door every month for just a buck. Stop overpaying for expensive heads.



lonG BattEry LiFE

Our long lasting battery stays charged for up to 6 weeks of teeth cleaning awesomeness on one charge. Leave the charger at home when you travel.


Three lightning fast modes. You've got modes slow enough for the sensitive parts of your mouth and speeds so fast, the plaque practically runs away!


For a buck a month, you get a new clean head every month! No toothbrush tip costs that eat into your funds as you go broke and life passes by while you drown in a sea of toothbrush debt.


Electricity and Water and Toothbrush oh my! Don't fret - over at Buck Brush we encourage that combination because our electric toothbrush is completely water resistant! 

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Sign up for Buck Brush in just a few easy steps GET BUCKED


Receive your brush at your front door. GET BUCKED


Get new head(s) every month GET BUCKED


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  • Buck Brush with Charger, UV Head Sanitizer & Monthly Subscription
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It’s gross to put something in your mouth that has been sitting in your bathroom collecting whatever smells and funks are floating around in there for 3 months. The days of reusing the same crusty and nasty old toothbrush in your mouth, month after month are gone. Since replacement heads are only a dollar per month, the days of paying more for a replacement head than your lunch are gone too! As if not sticking dirty things in your mouth and saving money wasn’t a good enough reason to switch, the Buck Brush is an awesome premium electric toothbrush at an awesome not so premium price! Give us a try, we guarantee you’ll love us!

*Ahem*. Guys and Gals! Well I am sorry to hear that, but you can cancel anytime! We’ll miss you, and if you miss us, you can sign right back up!

We offer a 1 year warranty, and guarantee the quality of the BuckBrush. If you run into any problems just shoot us an email and we will get you squared away!

With your first order of the Buck Brush or Buck Brush with UV, you will get a complete kit including handle and charger. You will also receive your first 4 months of replacement heads in the same shipment. After that we will automatically bill/ship you 4 brush heads every 4 months for just $4 plus $2 shipping. Nothing for you to do but sit back and keep them pearly white clean.

We like to refer to our bristles as "medium soft". Dentists prefer softer bristles because they will not damage tooth enamel nor gums. People think they get a better clean with stiff bristles, but good quality bristles replaced once a month allow you to use a softer bristle but still get that clean feeling. Doesn't hurt those puppies are vibrating at warp speed.

What a thoughtful person you are! You have a few options.

1) If you want to pay for the kit and the ongoing subscription just purchase like normal and use the lucky person's receiving the gift(s) mailing address for the shipping address.

2) If you want to pay for the kit and ongoing subscription but want the kit sent to you for gift wrapping just order like normal and then log in and change the shipping address to the recipients mailing address after you have received the kit.

3) If you want to buy the kit but transfer the subscription to the person receiving the gift just give that person the log in information with the gift and they can add their credit card and billing address.


This is the best toothbrush I have used... I have used this brush for about 4 weeks now and it is a huge improvement over my old Oral-B.

Natalie S

I LOVE my Buck Brush Co. toothbrush. I'm not kidding...I actually get excited about brushing my teeth. And each time I do, I feel like I just left the dentist. Thank you Buck Brush Co!

Kristin T

I just used mine for the first time. It is amazing. Worth every penny, I totally recommend it!!!!!!!

Joel W.

Teeth: Whiter
Breath: Better
Cavities: Not a chance

Andrew G.

Never had a better brush Morning Noon or Night! Mouth feels restored! Thx

Brad S.

Tried my new Buck Brush Co electric toothbrush this morning and loved every second.

Meghan K.