Natalie S.

This is the best toothbrush I have used.  I had to start on the low setting, but now I have gotten used to it I can use full power and I get an amazing clean. I have used this brush for about 4 weeks now and it is a huge improvement over my old Oral-B.

Kristin T.

I LOVE my Buck Brush Co. toothbrush. I'm not kidding...I actually get excited about brushing my teeth. And each time I do, I feel like I just left the dentist. Thank you Buck Brush Co!

Brian H.

For $40.00 I was expecting a medium quality toothbrush that I would just throw out in about a year. Shockingly, the brush is the best toothbrush I have ever used. It is extremely durable and gets the job done. The quality of the toothbrush FAR exceeded my expectations. Definitely worth it in my book!

Matt C.
I've been using the Buck Brush toothbrush for about 2 weeks now to replace a failing Diamondcare and I'm convinced this is the toothbrush I've needed all along. It's light, seems like it keeps a charge forever, new heads get delivered on a schedule, it feels like it does a better job cleaning my teeth and gums than the overpriced brush I used to use. It's definitely more reasonable to own given the price of Sonicare heads. The Buck Brush toothbrush has quickly replaced every other one in my family and everyone should own one. All the teeth in my house thank you!

Chad C.
I have been using my new Buck Brush toothbrush for about a week. It has met all my expectations and more. I feels like I'm getting my teeth polished every morning and evening.
It works quietly and I like it's sleek design.
I am ordering a couple more for our kids.
Thank you Buck Brush company. I give you 5 stars*****.

Malay G.
The following takes place between 3pm and 4pm. All events occur in real time (insert intro music): Product arrives. Packaging so good so clean, so ridgid box. Love long time. Makes me want to never open 'cause packaging so good. Personalized note from owners makes me feel like they care about me mouth & teeth. Despite having never met either owner in person, they knew the right way to address me (first name vs middle name)! Can't wait to put this machine in me mouth for teeth scrubbing. Will report performance in near future. Good job, Buck Brush Co.!

Jason C.
We've been using our Buck Brush Co toothbrush for the last week and it's amazing! Best brush I've ever owned and they replace the brush head every month! I highly recommend if you're looking for a new brush, you give this company a shot!

Rick K.
My teeth and I have been together a long time. We've been through a lot and my teeth have gotten me out of a tight spot or two, if you must know. My teeth deserve the best care because I'm still using them. So, enter BuckBrush! It really works and does a great job. If you only want to take care of the teeth you want to keep, I highly recommend BuckBrush. Get it now!

Andrew G.
Had a week or so with my new Buck Brush Co tooth brush. Here's my results.

Teeth: Whiter
Breath: Better
Cavities: Not a chance
Gingivitis: Not here, no way, no how
Confidence level: Call me Bruce Campbell
Personality Flaws: Numerous, but you can't see them cause my smile so bright.

Overall Rating: 11/11. It's light, does a great job, and I'll get a new head every month. Like it much more than my Sonicare and standards.

Dave D.
Got my Buck Brush Company tooth brush and heads today. Packing was very good and quality seems solid as well. Brush works very well.
Joel W
I just used mine for the first time. It is amazing. Worth every penny, I totally recommend it!!!!!!!

Jon B.
I have been using my Buck Brush for about 4 days now and it is perfect. After using an Oral-B for 7 years it was time for a change. Honestly it has been like going from a loud V8 to a Ferrari. This brush does everything you expect at a fraction of the cost. Im totally sold.

Sam M.
Thanks for the quick shipping on the most awesome tooth brush.

Meghan K.
Tried my new Buck Brush Co electric toothbrush this morning and loved every second. Definitely recommend this product, service, and company - get yours today!

Brad S.

Never had a better brush Morning Noon or Night! Mouth feels restored! Thx